We love our customers in Ajax, Ontario and would like you to join their ranks when you need a dumpster for your home or business. Our clean-up experts are ready to help you understand how to use a dumpster rental from our company to achieve your goals to get rid of unwanted junk, garbage, lawn and yard waste and anything that can’t be hauled away by the city.

So how does it work? You have all seen dumpsters in back alleys behind some businesses. We will rent you a home-sized version of a bin like that that is clean and painted purple. Then, here’s how it goes from there.

1. You contact us by calling You contact us at 905-769-0387 and let us know when you need the dumpster and for how long. Or use our online dumpster rental booking tool. The rental period for most cleanups is usually up to 7 days long so you designate when it will arrive and we will also book a time and day for pickup up to a week later. (You can have it returned sooner if needed.)

2. We let you know the price to have it delivered and picked from Ajax. There’s a flat per week rental charge for the actual container and a 1 ton initial weight charge. You can pay by credit card or cash.

3. We will place it carefully on your property making sure we do not damage the driveway, asphalt or pavers as well as landscaping or other external fixtures. It will be placed where you can easily access it when you load it.

4. You then you and your cleanup team fill it over the 7 days of the rental period. Please keep in mind all the time about safety of the people who help you load. Ensure also that it is not overloaded – that nothing is stacked above the top of the dumpster. Ask our staff if you would like some dumpster loading safety tips. Or ask our experts questions and we would be happy to give you the information that you need to know.

5. During the rental week you can load in pretty much any garbage, junk or unwanted material you want with a few exceptions. (Be advised: Toxic and environmentally hazardous materials are not allowed.) We can advise as to what materials will not be receivable by us at the time of rental. It is very important that you follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and uncomplicated dumpster bin rental. We are required to limit some hazardous materials because disposal requires special procedures. We can advise you if you have disposal materials that we cannot receive and do our best to refer you to someone who can help.

6. When the dumpster is full and the rental period is over we will arrive with our truck and the driver will load the dumpster safely into the truck and will drive away.

7. We take the contents to our sorting facility where we recycle what can be recycled and safely and legally dispose of materials that cannot be within existing bylaws in our cities of operation.

8. Then at the end of the process you are delighted by the service, low cost and simplicity of the project and you become a return customer.

9. You might even call us to book your next dumpster rental, refer us to a friend or post five star review on our Google Review area. If you would like to do this, please click here.

If you have any questions about dumpster rentals for the Ajax area, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

How To Contact The Office That Services Ajax Residents And Business Owners

For dumpster renting advice and any questions relating to bin rentals for your community, including Ajax garbage bylaws relating to clean-ups, disposal and dumpsters, call our dumpster rental hotline at 905-769-0387

To email us questions, compliments or to communicate to us about an issue relating to your service, please email haltoncontainer@gmail.com

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