Want to know how to rent a dumpster for your home or business? Dumpster rental is the number one focus of our business, so let us explain the simple process.

1) We bring a 17-yard metal dumpster bin (some call it a mini-bin, container, or skip) by truck to your home or business and leave it for up to seven days. The one-week dumpster rental cost is. It’s a flat rate. There are longer rental periods available ~ contact us for details. We charge a minimum of 1 ton of weight, upfront plus HST. You provide a credit card with the booking. See simple dumpster rental pricing.

2) We deliver the bin to your requested address on the day of your choice. You then fill it with debris that can include almost anything that isn’t toxic or hazardous waste. That includes:

  • Junk
  • Household garbage
  • Construction or renovation debris
  • Yard waste and organic materials
  • Old toys or bicycles
  • Lawn equipment, tools, gardening leftovers
  • Discarded furniture and household contents
  • Old decorations
  • Demolished outbuildings or structures such as fencing etc.
  • We do take limited amounts of dirt, masonry or other heavy materials but those must be pre-approved by the office before placing in the container
  • We take all kinds of debris, so if you have a question, then call us.

3) Once you have finished, we weigh the dumpster at the transfer according to where the dumpster is traveling next. That gives us the ability to know the precise weight of the debris you have placed in the bin. Additional tonnage is per ton (it is pro-rated to the exact amount).

The process is easy and affordable. We are often the lowest cost dumpster rental company in the areas we serve in Greater Toronto.

How to keep the bin rental cost down

Here are some tips on keeping the cost of your rental low:

  • Before you start, evaluate what will be discarded. In the cost, you pay for the first tonne, so maximize this weight.
  • If you think you will fall short, call a neighbor to see if they can top up the dumpster and share the cost.
  • If you think you will go over, don’t worry as you only pay a pro-rated amount against the excess weight with our company.
  • Keep rain, snow out of the bin by covering it with a tarp, to avoid unnecessary weight charges.
  • Be sure to check our do not load list to make sure you do not load materials that we can’t dump.

Dumpster rental service areas

These are our service areas – click your city for local information:

If you would like a fair rate and a great dumpster rental experience from our staff, then please contact us by email or by phone, and we would be delighted to serve you. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service from our superb staff. From our family to yours, we thank you for considering us.

Call us at Halton Container 905-769-0387 or please email us.