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For Puslinch, Ontario residents, we’ve provided below on the steps you need to take to plan a dumpster rental for your home or business:

1. Start by calling us at 905-769-0387 and let us know when you need the dumpster bin and for how long. – most rental periods are seven days, but we can do them for shorter or longer rentals.

2. At Halton Container, we provide you with a complete price. For a basic rental, there’s a weekly rental charge, a 1 ton initial weight charge (plus HST). At the time of ordering we take your name, delivery address, phone number, email, delivery instructions and credit card information for payment of fees.

3. Our dumpster delivery driver is a bin rental expert. He or she will deliver to your Puslinch area home or business a clean, easy-load dumpster that you will fill with junk, debris and garbage.

A truck like this will deliver your dumpster rental to your home or business in Puslinch. Ensure that it is not overloaded above the top of the dumpster. Ask us if you would like some dumpster loading safety tips

4. The driver will position the bin carefully on your property making sure that he does not damage the driveway, landscaping or other external fixtures. It will be placed as per your instructions (or at the driver’s discretion) for fast, safe loading.

5. You next job is to fill it over the rental period. Please be sure to keep in mind the safety of the team of people that are help you to load the bin. Ensure that you distribute the weight of the garbage/junk/debris throughout the dumpster and not on one side or corner. There should be is no debris sticking out of the top of the dumpster or hanging over the side. There are also swing doors that let you walk heavier garbage into the bin. Consider bagging breakable debris such as glass.

6. During your rental period you can load pretty much any garbage, junk or unwanted material you want with a few exceptions. You can view our website for a complete list of restrictions. Toxic and environmentally hazardous materials are not allowed. We can also advise you at the time of rental what materials are restricted. It is very important that you follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and uncomplicated bin rental.

7. When the dumpster is ready (or at the end of the rental period) we will arrive with our truck and the driver will load the dumpster safely onto the truck and will drive away.

ensure a smooth and uncomplicated bin rental.

8. We take the dumpster to the transfer station based closest to the next delivery where it is weighed and a ticket is produced. That is your final weight! Even if it’s heavy – you will feel lighter!

9. Then at the end of the process you are delighted by the service, low cost and simplicity of the project and you become a return customer! (or refer us to your friends and family!).

10. You might even call us to book your next dumpster rental, refer us to a friend or a post five star review on our Halton Container Google Review area. If you would like to do this, please click here.

Questions About Rockwood- Dumpster Rentals?

If you have any questions about dumpster rentals for your Rockwood-area home or business, please don’t hesitate to call or email our friendly staff.

How To Reach The Office That Services Rockwood- With Dumpster Rentals

For dumpster advice and any questions relating to bin rentals for your community including Puslinch-area garbage bylaws relating to clean-ups, disposal and dumpsters, call our dumpster rental hot line at 905-769-0387

To email us questions, compliments or to communicate with us about an issue relating to your service, please email haltoncontainer@gmail.com

TTo schedule a dumpster rental now using our dumpster rental online book form, CLICK HERE