5 Reasons Why Should Rent A Mini Dumpster

Mini Dumpster

The mini dumpster refers to a reasonably sized driveway-friendly box that can hold up to 12 cubic yards of items. This is a self-service dumpster solution for residential and small commercial sectors. The benefit of choosing the mini dumpster is its user-friendly size that typically requires in the residential driveways. In addition to this, there are several benefits of the mini trash as given below:

  • It Costs Less As the mini dumpster are small in size, you can pay for the space that is used in dumpster. Moreover, it is easy to load, so you will not need so many hands of the crew to load it.
  • Fast Pickup And Deliveries The mini dumpster is easy to handle and deliver the trash. It rolls right off the truck allow you to position it quickly. Its small size makes it easier for the crew to convenient drop-off and pick-up schedules.
  • Prevent Driveway Damages Often the commercial dumpster is likely to damage the driveway, parking lots, sidewalks, gardens, etc. while mini trash has less to load which prevents driveway and street damages.
  • Require Less Space If you have less space to park the dumpster to load the unwanted material, you can rent a small dumpster. The icing on the cake is the dumpster is affordable so you can rent two mini dumpsters as per the size of trash.
  • Accommodate Most Unwanted Item The mini dumpster is an ideal choice for regular disposal. It can load almost all unnecessary items that you want to remove from your home. It can even support in minor renovation projects handling the regular debris.
After knowing the benefits of mini dumpster listed above, if you are looking for renting a small dumpster, contact us at Halton Container. We help our clients by providing the right solution for residential and commercial waste removal needs at a reasonable cost. Call us today.