Dumpster Rentals in Hamilton

Dumpster rentals in Hamilton View from the Hamilton mountain of the lower city and the harbour
in the summertime. Can you count the rented dumpsters?[/caption]

If you live or work in Hamilton, Ontario and  you are looking for dumpster or bin rentals company, then Halton Container can help.

Many people do not know where to turn for an affordable dumpster rental.  Also called a bin rental or a container rental, renting a dumpster in Hamilton is really easy if you can find a company that’s affordable and helpful. Here are 10 steps to learn how easily it is to rent a dumpster for your Hamilton home or business.

How to Rent a Dumpster in Hamilton

  1. First you will want to call (905) 769-0387 to speak to us on the phone.
  2. Decide how many weeks you will need to rent the bin / dumpster
  3. Choose a start date.
  4. We will deliver the bin.
  5. Fill the dumpster.
  6. Call us for pickup or wait til the end of the rental period.
  7. We will pick up the filled dumpster
  8. You pay by the ton
  9. Don’t worry about delivery fees or fuel charges on the bin – we don’t charge them. You pay a weekly rental and a tonnage charge.
  10. To make it really easy, order your dumpster rental online

Also be sure to ask about our seasonal specials. If you have junk to remove with a dumpster rental, we’re here to serve you at Halton Container.

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