We rent our customers dumpster bins from Halton Container for many reasons, but one of the most common uses for bin rentals is for junk removal. Of course that can mean a lot of things. But typically it means our garbage bin renters are loading large or awkward objects into the disposal bins because the city or regional garbage service that comes weekly won’t take the large junk items away with the regular trash removal.

Here are some of the junk removal projects we have seen in the past that may give you an idea on how to use a dumpster bin rental most effectively:

Estate Cleanout

When a loved one passes it is up to the family to go through their personal effects and typically there is a lot of treasure and family keepsakes mixed in with a lot of accumulated junk, garbage and clutter that is collected over the years in a person’s life. So a disposal bin is an efficient way of discarding junk and unwanted old personal effects and furniture and separating it from keepsakes and valuable items.

Furniture Removal

As a family grows and changes, you will often wear out furniture, like cribs, beds and sofas that become dirty, damaged or ripped – or just old and used. These items are often not usable by others because of their condition and so you just want to get rid of them. A dumpster bin rental is an ideal service to get rid of these old and large junk items.

Time to cleanup the house?

Junk Removal And Purge

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of accumulating junk over the years. It just happens. However, if it goes on too long it can drive people a little crazy living in a cluttered, jampacked house. This is where you’re going to want to purge everything you don’t need by unloading everything that has expired its use and is just taking up space. Where it is old paperwork, books, boxes, toys, broken tools or rusty objects, or leftover building materials that have long since become useful. A junk purge can make you feel free, so a large garbage bin rented for this purge is an easy way to clear it all out and get your home back in order.

Warehouse Junk Cleanout

Industrial and business warehouses are places where junk can gather over time. Warehouse managers like to do inventory quarterly and keep their warehouses in top shape. So a bin rental can be extremely useful for this purpose by getting rid of broken inventory, packing materials, excess garbage and whatever else is clutter the racking and aisle. These cleanups also promote safety in a warehouse.

Time to cleanup the house?

Spring Cleaning / Fall Clear-Out

For some people a spring cleaning project is annual affair and it allows you to wipe away the winter months as the snow and ice melt and bring order to a home or business. You will want a dumpster rental for your annual junk removal and cleaning project. For others, they wait until the fall to clear out the year and get ready for the holidays and new year. Some families and businesses rent a bin in both seasons.

Neighbourhood Junk Purge

Sharing the cost of a bin rental for junk removal is a great idea for neighbours that get together for a cleanup day. Whether it is cleaning common spaces or just using the opportunity of a shared bin to dump garbage and junk from your home, a bin rental among neighbours can be fun and productive…and cheap too.

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