Dumpster pickup service: 5 tips that will help you rent a garbage dumpster

Dumpster pickup service and rent a garbage dumpsterIf you are looking to rent a garbage dumpster and have the rental company pick it up when its full of your junk or debris after 7 days, then Halton Container is the company your are looking for. Here are 5 things to remember when you rent a garbage dumpster:

  1. Prepare where the dumpster will be dropped off and keep children and pets away from that area during the delivery window
  2. Fill the dumpster carefully and to the recommended level.
  3. Pack the dumpster evenly. Break down any bulky items where possible.
  4. Avoid loading any item that is on the hazardous list provided by the dumpster company.
  5. Let the dumpster company know the optimal time to do a pick up. And be ready to keep the loading area clear.

A smooth rental period for your dumpster rental can be almost guaranteed if you follow these important guidelines. We hope you will call us ay Halton Container, if you need further advice or would like to speed to one of our experts about dumpster drop off or the dumpster pickup service we provide.

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