Questions to ask your dumpster rental company before you rent

Rent a Dumpster:Questions answered by the experts at Halton Container

RENTING A DUMPSTER will be a painless experience if you are prepared and ready to ask the right questions upon booking. Here are several questions you can ask with a small explanation to make a better informed decision on your rental.

Question: What is the price of the dumpster rental and does it include tonnage?

Most dumpster rental companies charge delivery and pickup fees for their dumpsters as well as a fuel surcharge based on your location. They will also charge you for tonnage on top of that! Generally the cost for pickup and delivery should not exceed $177.00 plus tonnage and $85.00 per tonne for disposal.

Question: What are the dumpster sizes? Are they clean? and does the company have a daily rental fee?

Try to pick a dumpster between 14 to 17 yards as this will ensure you have plenty of room for waste. A clean bin is an essential both inside and out. A weekly rental 7 days should be included in the price. Don’t forget to offer for any applicable discounts for shorter rental periods.

Question: Prior to pickup up what happens if the dumpster gets caught in a down pour of rain and the bin is very heavy. Does the customer have to pay extra tonnage?

Halton Container inspects each dumpster before pick up to monitor proper weight distribution and safety of each load. At this time the driver can also drain the bins of any extra rainwater if possible.

Question: Does this company recycle unwanted items?

Halton Container recycles slightly used tables, chairs, lamps,desks,and anything else that can be re-conditioned or re-purposed.

Question: What happens if the dumpster damages my driveway?

Using the smaller hook lift trucks alleviates any weight issues. They are designed to gently land on your driveway without damaging the surface.  It is best to try not and overload the bin as this will ease the pick up.

Question: Does the company except credit cards?

Most professional companies should accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and, in some cases, Discover.

Question: What parts of Toronto and GTA does Halton Container serve?

Our dumpster rentals are available for many western Toronto area communities (Downtowm, Etobicoke, Malton, Brampton, etc) including west GTA such as Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton and communities within those areas.

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