Dumpster Rentals for Spring Cleaning – Anytime!

Dumpster Rentals for Spring Cleaning

Everyone suffers from varying degrees of  ”collectivitis” (which is a common condition of accumulating WAY too many things over a lifetime) whether it’s that broken swing set that you need a tetanus shot just to look at or those old cupboards from the last kitchen reno that were “going to be useful at some point” that are now home to a family of spiders… it’s good for both body and soul to clear out clutter and free up space for more useful items in your life!


At Halton Container we provide you with the tools to de-clutter and bring on that amazing feeling of organization!

What You Can Put in a Dumpster

In our dumpsters – or you can call them bins — you can put  old furniture, old toys, lumber, metal, plastic and other types of debris. If you’re unsure just give us a call and we’ll confirm that item is on our allowable disposal list.

Dumpster Rental Expert

Everyone has a spare room, garage, office space or attic just crying out for a “sprucing up” so give our dumpster rental experts a call and we’ll help you tackle those cluttered spaces!   If there are any items that are salvageable we will happily donate them to charity.

Dumpster Rentals Etobicoke

Spring cleaning anytime is hassle free with our dumpster rentals! We serve all west Toronto GTA communities including Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton and all Halton region communities.

Simply give our garbage bin rental experts a call.

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