What garbage can go in my GreenCart in Halton?

If you live in a Halton region community then you might have wondered what should go into your GreenCart and what should be left out.

Here’s a quick summary that should help guide you. Generally however the guideline is that if the material is compostable or biodegradeable then it can go into the green cart.

Leftover foods and kitchen waste is eligible

This includes, bread, toast, cereal, baked goods and pizza. As well as cake, cookies, pie, muffins & candies. You coffee grounds can go into as well as filters and teabags. Dairy products are also acceptable, but without their containers (those plastics can go in your blue bin).

Meat, eggs and egg shells are candidates. Also fruit without an plastics or labels can be discarded. Meat fish and bones are can also be tossed away into your green bin. Sauces, oils and mayonnaise as well as spreads can be tossed in. Dryer lint can be dropped i. So can human hair and nail clippings. If you have a picnic paper plates and cups can be tossed as well as popsicle sticks and wooden toothpicks. Shredded paper is fine as is houseplants without their plant holders. Dirty paper towels and tissues can be discarded into green bins too. (If the paper product is difficult to rip, or if there is visible plastic or metallic lining, it cannot go in the GreenCart.)

No go materials for the GreenCart

As you can imagine nothing plastic can go into your GreenCart. Avoid putting litter and animal waste. Also avoid cigarette ash and butts. No diapers either. Keep out dirt earth and rocks. No medical waste or mop sheets. No feminine hygiene products or floss or makeup sponges. Keep out vaccuum bags, wine corks, old wood, clothing and dryer sheets. Also keep out PLA or BPI certified plastic resin food packaging, plates, cups, and cutlery



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