Winter dumpster rental: Tips on how to rent a bin in cold weather

winter dumpster rentalDespite the cold temperatures and snow fall, lots of homeowners and business people start their winter clean-up early so a winter dumpster rental is not only possible, but often a good idea.  Here are some tips to make your winter bin rental effective and result in a successful clean-up.

Before you take delivery of your bin, do you best to clear a space on your driveway so that there is a flat area where the bin can be deposited during the rental period.  Remove and ice or snow and ensure there will be walking and working access around the dumpster so that you can safely fill it.

Colder temperatures bring with snow and ice, which can be slippery and hard to gain traction on when you walk or drive on affected areas. If these slippery areas are near your dumpster rental, you will want to clear any snow and salt the area to ensure no one slips as they load the bin.

Cold temperatures can also make it difficult to access the entryway into a rented dumpster, requiring more force to open it. Cover latches and fasteners to protect them from the cold. You might want to warm them if possible before use. Cold metal can be hard to handle.

Be sure to cover your dumpster over night or when more snow falls so that the dumpster does not unnecessarily fill with snow or ice.

Use gloves when handling a dumpster to avoid coming into contact with frozen metal. Injuries can occur if you expose bare skin to frozen metal.

If you have any questions about renting a dumpster during the winter months then be sure to call us at Halton Container, so we can provide you we the best advice so that your winter dumpster rental is safe and successful. Call our friendly dumpster rental staff us at 905-769-0387.


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